What is the world that "2TOP management" are aiming for?
What is the world that "2TOP management" are aiming for?

What is the world that "2TOP management" are aiming for?

Toyosawa uses a management method called ** "2TOP management" ** in which President Kazuaki Toyosawa and President Kenjiro Momi have exactly the same authority.

This time, we will look back on the history of Toyokoh through a dialogue between Toyosawa and Momi, and tell you the vision that both presidents are looking at.

(contents 1. "Bake our own pie" that hasn't changed since the company was established 2. We want to change the industry that is shunned as "3K" 3. SOSEI's high profitability lies in "responsible construction". 4. Inspired by "CoolLaser" by tracing its roots 5. Aiming for the world" triggered by the encounter with Momi 6. Relationship, future potential, and why 2TOP management chose Toyokoh 7. The future seen by the two presidents, now and in the future

"Bake our own pie" that hasn't changed since the company was established

IKKO:Toyokoh is my second generation. Originally, my parents' house was in the painting business, and my father was a second son, but Toyokoh started when he became independent from the family at the age of 48 after the burst of the bubble economy.

MOMI:What kind of business did you start at that time?

IKKO:It was a strange company from that time, and I didn't do the work of painting the walls of houses like the general painting industry.

We were doing dangerous work with high value, such as floor coating work using special resin.

MOMI:That means you dared to do what no other company did.

Toyokoh has "five commitments" that guide management, one of which is the commitment of "baking our own pie."

This is the idea of creating a completely different market without competition. In fact, the way of doing business at the time of establishment is the origin of "baking our own pie".

We want to change the industry that is avoided as "3K"

MOMI:One of the reasons IKKO returned to the family business was because he wanted to change the construction site, right?

IKKO:Yes, I was working in the design industry, so I was reluctant to do hard, messy, dangerous work at the construction site, so I wanted to change this.

Besides, when I go to rural areas, there are really many elderly people. When I saw the director being young but the workers being elderly, I thought, "This is terrible, I have to change it."


MOMIDid you originally become a designer because you opposed your parents' house?

IKKO: Exactly. after all, I didn't want to be considered a painter.

MOMI:That is the origin. All young people will feel it because you feel it, and the desire to change it has led to the slogan "3K to 3C".

By the way, you also created the first logo, right?

IKKO:Yes, I made the logo with the image of an hourglass.

The hourglass has existed since BC and can be used semi-permanently with some modifications. I think this is reminiscent of repainting work.

MOMI:We are particular about slogans from 3K (tight, dirty, dangerous) to 3C (cool, clean, creative), but I think the logo also reflects the creative.

SOSEI's high profitability lies in "responsible construction".

MOMI:By the way, it was in 2006 that the SOSEI method was born shortly after you joined the company. How was the SOSEI method born?

IKKO:At the time there were only four people, my father, my mother, my brother and myself and the business was family owned.

The SOSEI method was not born suddenly. At that time, We became an agent for waterproofing work that instantly hardened and used a material that has a waterproof and reinforcing effect (currently the second layer of the SOSEI method).

A few years later, I heard from a customer representative that the aging factory would require a lot of roof reinforcement.

At that time, the construction method of covering with steel roofing material had just begun to appear, but the SOSEI construction method was born after receiving advice that if a cheaper, lighter, and stronger construction method could be developed, it could be expanded nationwide.

MOMI:The SOSEI method was born from listening to the needs of our customers and creating new ones. It shaped something that wasn't there at the time, and 15 years later it grew into a very profitable business.

Not only in Japan but also in Thailand last year. What is the reason for maintaining profitability for such a long time?

IKKO:I don't know the correct answer, but if we gathered and expanded the agencies, we might have been able to make a profit faster.

However, even if I wanted to create a new construction method and increase the number of distributors, it was impossible because there were only two sales staff including myself.

Therefore,We took the responsible construction method.

This hasn't changed, we do it ourselves. I think that is the reason for the high profitability.

MOMI:Our strength is that we have been refining our know-how on on-site delivery methods for 15 years, focusing not only on materials but also on "responsible construction".


Inspired by "CoolLaser" by tracing its roots

MOMI:You started the SOSEI business in 2006, and two years later, in 2008, you started the CoolLaser business. How did this happen?

IKKO:This is simple, and the SOSEI method started to sell at that time. That made me happy, but on the other hand, I felt a sense of crisis.

In the roof business, repairing the roof will eliminate the need for the same place in 20 to 30 years, so I was struck by a sense of crisis that I would run out of work.

So I traced my roots and wondered if I could do anything in the field of public painting.

Therefore, I focused on the important base adjustment (rust and film thickness removal) when repainting, and thought that a laser could be used there, so I consulted with The Graduate School for the Creation of New Photonics Industries and entered. The result was a CoolLaser.

MOMI:It was just around the time when I started working with Toyokoh as a consultant.

"Aiming for the world" triggered by the encounter with Momi

IKKO:The meeting with Mr. Momi was a stock listing seminar that my father attended, saying, "I want to stock listing because the SOSEI method has begun to sell."

I acted immediately and signed a consulting contract. It was Momi who came as the person in charge.

I couldn't make a business plan, so I started by making a medium-term management plan under the guidance of Mr. Momi.

Momi said, "Set a goal and draw. Put together your thoughts." I started from there.

MOMI:In my previous job, I consulted how to start a business for a business owner. Instead of accumulating what I can do now, I was instructing to draw a big picture of the future and to assemble things by back calculation in order to achieve that goal.

This is the idea that 10 years later, even if I become the owner of Toyokoh, it will not change at all.

It was the dawn of a turbulent era in which there was an encounter and the succession of management from the father.

IKKO:As in the Warring States period, the vectors were pointing in the same direction, but clashed with their father because of their different ideas about the process.

Meeting MOMI gave me ideas for IoT and global expansion. Become number one in this field and aim for the world. Born in the countryside, it transformed into a thought circuit that I never thought of.

When I was heading for the world, I began to wonder if it would be okay to use traditional family-owned methods. In the end, I made a very painful decision to get out of the family business.

MOMI:However, at the end of this story, there is a story that your father also supported and accepted IKKO's idea and handed over the management baton. Your father also took over the management, saying, "If Momi will do it together."

Relationship, future potential, and why 2TOP management chose Toyokoh

IKKO:Currently, I am managing 2TOP under the titles of CFC (Chief Future Creator) and CRC (Chief Real Creator), and I think this is also a creative idea.

It seems that it is generally said that 2TOP management will not work as a management method, but I invited him to aim for the world with Mr. Momi.

At that time, I think you had an important position in Deloitte Tohmatsu, and I think you had offers other than Toyokoh. Why did you choose Toyokoh among them?

MOMI:There are three. One is that you have built a relationship of trust with your father and you while you have a long relationship.

The second is the future of business. At that time, it was a business that was not yet known to the world, but I thought that both SOSEI and Cool Laser have the ability to aim for the world.

And the third is the biggest one, but I got an offer of 2TOP management. I received other offers, but while there were many talks in the CFO and No. 2 positions, only you were offered to enter as CEO with the same authority as yourself from the beginning.

You have the talent to create something that has never existed before. In order to maximize this, I got the image that I would do the other parts of management, so I decided on Toyokoh.


The future seen by the two presidents, now and in the future

MOMI:Two years after I joined the company, Toyokoh has grown from 15 to 70 members, has been featured in many media outlets, has capital and business alliances with multiple companies, and is growing rapidly.

The business will finally start in Thailand this year, and seven engineers from India and Nepal will join in the winter.

We have a vision to aim for, and we are in a state of constant change and progress. Finally, I would like to talk about our vision. First of all, I would like to ask you.

IKKO:Base treatment and painting, this is the painting process itself. Cool Laser has commercialized the surface treatment and SOSEI has commercialized the coating.

Of course, functionality is important for painting, but aesthetics are also important.

Aesthetics, this is the most lost thing in the industry. In particular, I would like to add "emotional value" to the deserted local landscape and the flow of painting outdoor buildings that emphasize functionality.

Seniors who have lived in the postwar period of high economic miracle are growing up in a new landscape, but we and future generations will live in a dilapidated landscape.

So, I came up with the painting reform business as public art.

We challenge to dispel the stereotypes created by the industry.

We are responsible for the landscape and the large area. Although it is a niche, we have created one field and constructed an area of about 1 million square meters using the SOSEI method.

From there, I think it would be great if the cityscape could be changed beautifully.

MOMI:Aiming for the world with this company is the source of my motivation.

First of all, we started the SOSEI business in Thailand this year, and Cool Laser is also a technology that is required in the world, so I would like to expand overseas in the future.

In the case of overseas expansion, there is a way for Japanese people to go abroad and return home about every three years. And, after all, people employed in that country cannot advance their careers. I don't think that talented people will gather in such a situation.

Therefore, in the global expansion of Toyokoh, we would like to create a world where people in that country manage toyokoh in that country, exchange opinions with the entire Toyokoh group, and develop global companies.

People from each country become on-site supervisors, and workers are also employed in that country.

Then, based on the opinions of the person closest to the site and the developer who wants to make something like this, a new business is launched, and that person leads the business as the president. I want to create such a world.

The most important thing for that is to remember the axis of "Beautifully. For the future" If we are connected by "changing 3K to 3C", I think we can create new things in our business field.