From the first day of joining the company, I had the opportunity to travel to Thailand and give a presentation. I realize that there was a stage where I could do what I wanted to do.

「After graduating from a university and graduate school in Thailand, he obtained an MBA from Keio University.」

I graduated from business school in Bangkok, Thailand. Bachelor's degree in accounting and master's degree in finance. After that, I got an MBA from Keio University in Japan. The trigger was that my friend went to study abroad in Japan.

I searched for the best MBA university in Japan, I found the name Keio University, so I worked hard to get the scholarship from the government of Japan.

「The reason I joined the company was that I had an environment where I could express my opinions.」

At first, I was planning to return to Thailand because I might not be able to do what I wanted to do even if I got a job at a Japanese company, and I thought it would be difficult for foreigners to get a job in Japan.

However, when I met Toyokoh, I changed my mind. When asked if I could take on various challenges by using my knowledge and experience in an interview, Toyokoh said, "The company is still small, so you can give more and more opinions. Rather, Toyokoh is looking for something like that." At that moment, I knew that I wanted to work here.

「The assigned task was the head of the Thai branch.」

Since joining the company, I have been working on the establishment of a Thai branch office. First, I will set up a Thai branch office in June 2019 and aim to start doing business in April 2020.

Due to the vastly different climates of Thailand and Japan, there are still many issues to consider, such as the materials used and the working environment, but they are very rewarding.

「What matters is what we work for」

Before you do a job, you need to ask yourself why you want to do this job. If you know the reason, you should enjoy your work and do it well.

I love business and management and want to improve my organization and grow together as a team. Fortunately, I found Toyokoh and we are fighting as a team. Here you can talk together, sometimes clash, study, and find companions to grow with.


Born in Bangkok, Thailand. After graduating from business school in Thailand, I obtained an MBA from Keio University. Joined Toyokoh in 2019.