Personnel system

Personnel system


Rating system

This is a 45 level rating system. The target is set in April, with an interim evaluation in September and a final evaluation in March.

Our personnel system is designed to be evaluated based on ability, regardless of gender, nationality or age. We also offer administrative and specialized courses.

In-house training system

Training for new graduates when joining the company

It will be implemented within one month after joining the company. Curriculum content: Business etiquette training and IT training. After that, it becomes the OJT of each business division.

Training by position

It will be implemented as appropriate according to each position. * In fiscal 2020, we conducted safety training, section chief training, and online training using Globis.

Company-wide meeting

Twice a year, we hold a general meeting in which all employees participate to share internal information.

The content of all employee meetings is primarily management messages, discussions (or exchanges) between business units, performance reports and departmental reports, and employee social gatherings.

Employee shareholding association system

We have institutionalized it as part of the long-term wealth formation of our employees. Our shares are not listed on the stock market and cannot be purchased freely, but can be owned by joining the Employee Stock Ownership Association. This system was born out of the desire to enhance the sense of solidarity of the company, improve the performance of all employees, and realize the formation of personal wealth.