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Beautifully. For the future

In the era of high economic growth, our predecessors have invested more and more to grow the Japanese economy significantly. Factories, roads, bridges, large plants etc ... Supported by these investments, Japan has grown into one of the world's leading economic powers. However, as we enter a mature society, we are facing various social problems such as declining birthrate, aging population, and aging infrastructure and facilities.

Toyokoh will challenge to solve "aging infrastructure ",and "declining working-age population" out of these social problems from the perspective of new technologies and construction sites.

Toward a sustainable society that can be used more beautifully for a long time, instead of destroying and recreating important assets that have supported Japan for many years. Achieve the attractive working environment of construction site with new technologies. This leads to solving the lack of construction workers caused by a declining working-age population and the hard working environment.

To connect for the beautiful future using new technology as a leader in the construction site. That is our mission at Toyokoh.


In 2026, Toyokoh has a challenge of beautifying buildings (factories, bridges, ships, etc.) around the world and leaving them for the future using technological capabilities of construction and manufacturing.

Management policy

・Responsible construction First, establish and demonstrate responsibly in-house, and then promote dissemination

・Bake our own pie Challenge customer's in fields that are difficult to achieve with other companies or other construction methods rather than competing within the industry (competing for pies existing)

・Collaborative creation strategy Build an active collaborative style with external partner companies to realize the vision

・For each person who works in the construction Emphasize to gain support from the bearers in the construction site

・Continuous innovation Actively develop and introduce new technologies to realize above


Challenge to No. 1 share of slate roof coating repair!

The SOSEI business is our original construction method born from the needs of our customers, "In order to protect the quality of production lines and products, we want to extend the life of the aging factory roof without stopping the production line of the factory!"

By combining two different chemical fields, paint and resin, and spraying them on three layers, the life of the aging roof is extended and reinforced. We are a leading company in this field and have the No. 1 construction record in Japan.

Past and future strategies


The SOSEI business has been operating for 14 years with the aim of extending the life of the old factory roof without shutting down the factory production line to protect the factory production line and product quality.

A unique method of spraying three layers by combining two different chemical fields, paint and resin, seamlessly coats asbestos-containing, water-insoluble slate roofs with thick resins such as waterproof, insulation and reinforcement. With the support of many customers due to its effectiveness and cost advantage, we were able to accumulate a track record of 1 million square meters last year.


Challenge to No. 1 share of slate roof coating repair! With the vision of, for manufacturing industries such as heavy industry and automobile industry built in the high growth period, not only factory buildings but also manufacturing lines, products, from measures against typhoons, guerrilla rainstorms, and heat due to recent changes in the natural environment. We will work on the purpose of protecting workers with the SOSEI method.

At the same time, we also make proposals to save energy in factories and reduce the environmental burden by utilizing the excellent heat insulation characteristics of the SOSEI method.

In response to these efforts, at SOSEI BASE (R & D facility) established last year, next-generation new materials Site management that incorporates IOT technology, such as the development of construction methods and equipment aimed at labor saving in development, construction and site management, and the introduction of AceReal from NTT docomo as remote support to TOYOKOH THAILAND, which started business this year. We are working toward early introduction.


In 2026, CoolLaser will be adopted for maintenance work all over the world, creating a new market of 20 trillion dollar.

CoolLaser (patented) is a dream-like technology that uses the power of light to remove rust, paint films and harmful substances. We have succeeded in laser cleaning of outdoor construction, which was not possible in the laser industry until now.

In the future, we aim to keep all laser construction sites connected via the 5G international communications network and continue to evolve for CoolLaser to use in the field.


Approximately 2,000 inquiries Introduced at NHK "Science ZERO" Posted on the TOP page of Yahoo! Business tie-up with NYK in the maritime field Posted on the top page of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry


The wall you can talk to is beautiful

The PbAt (Public Art) division contributes to regional revitalization, such as landscape harmony and regional revitalization, through design proposals and implementation of public art for buildings and infrastructure.