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We are a start-up company with 71 employees (as of January 2021), which is 4 times bigger since 2018, challenging the world with a market value of more than 27 billion JPY although we are not listed yet.

Toyokoh started 25 years ago as a family business in Yui, a small town in Shizuoka Prefecture famous for its sakura shrimp. Until April 2018, it was a small company with 15 employees.

In 2006, such a small company developed the "SOSEI method," a unique method to extend and reinforce the life of aging factory roofs with resin.

In 2008, over a period of 10 years, we became the first company in the world to commercialize CoolLaser®, a patented technology that enables the removal of rust, which is the main cause of aging in buildings around the world.

This is the first time in the world that CoolLaser® has been put to practical use.

The problem of aging infrastructure is a global issue with a market size of over 200 trillion yen.

In May 2018, we made our first capital investment in order to increase the speed of our business and to invest in people and equipment to solve this major social issue.

In May 2018, we concluded our first capital and business alliance and raised 200 million yen, and in October 2019, we concluded our second capital and business alliance and raised 800 million yen.

In other words, hiring human resources is the lifeline for Toyokoh.

The people we want to work with are those who are "serious about taking on the challenge of changing the world with their lives".

・What do you want to accomplish in your life?

・What do you want to achieve in your life and why do you belong to an organization in an age when you can work individually?

Ask yourself these two questions.

At Toyokoh, we want to be a group of strong people who can face up to their own lives and combine the mission they want to accomplish in their own lives with the challenges of the company.

We want to be a group of strong human resources who are able to combine the mission they want to accomplish in their own lives with the challenges of the company.

During the selection process, let's talk to each other "as you are".

We look forward to receiving your applications.

From all of us at the Corporate Headquarters Recruitment Team

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2/ Culture Deck


Introducing mission / vision / commitment / business outline.

The contents are published in the latest version from time to time. Please read it.

3/ Future


What is the world that "2TOP management" are aiming for?

Our company adopts a management method called "2TOP management" in which both presidents Kazuaki Toyosawa and Kenjiro Momi have exactly the same authority.

He talked about the history of Toyokoh and the future seen by the two presidents, including why it is 2TOP management, in a dialogue format.

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Special Interview

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5/ Open Positions



Backcast Set a big goal and then think about the different ways to achieve it. Never be short-sighted because of the limitation of what you can do now.

Speed Speed is the king. Decision-making speed, action speed, result speed. If there is about 70% of the information, first judge and act, then ponder from there(hypothesis oriented).

Create Boldly Boldly challenge the essential ideas and action with a global perspective and deep insight.

Respect A culture in which each member accepts and respects each other. In other words, regardless of age / gender / nationality / position, we respect each other as individuals. Don't hesitate to give own opinion, and all the member should respect the opinion.

Life Mission TOYOKOH is in the process of a huge challenge. Think own life deeply. The mission of individual life must be achieved in the process of company's challenge. This does not deny work-life balance. It’s a matter of life theme, a way to live.

  • Students

What Toyokoh expects from new graduates is to form a culture together, revitalize the organization, and create the future.

In other words, rather than ability, we place the utmost importance on the work content and style of Toyokoh, whether we can enjoy communication with members, and whether.

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What Toyokoh expects from mid-career employees is not only a culture fit, but also a specialty that cannot be covered by new graduate training and a determination to continue to challenge.

We are waiting for those who have a strong determination to take on new challenges.

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