IT engineer(AI-IOT specialist)
IT engineer(AI-IOT specialist)

IT engineer(AI-IOT specialist)

Detailed Job Description

TOYOKOH is a company that contributes to maintain buildings/ infrastructures clean and safe, using its own groundbreaking technology. We have two continuously growing businesses, SOSEI ('resurrection' in Japanese) and CoolLaser. You will be assigned to the CoolLaser Division. Your specific duties will be as follows. As a start-up company, you will be involved in a wide range of work, mainly in your area of expertise.

In preparation for the launch of a laser system equipped with an IoT model in 2025, you will be developing a cloud service using sensing data collected by our laser. You will be in charge of all the stages of the development of a device remote control system using a database, from the planning stage to testing: ・System architecture planning, ・Requirement definition, ・Design, development and testing

Required Qualification

■Strong logical thinking/reasoning skills, mathematical thinking skills

■Experience in planning, requirement of definition, design, development (coding experience required) of web application

■Knowledge in any one of the below fields (we are looking for someone who has either general knowledge about all fields, or someone who has deep expertise about one of the fields) (ⅰ)Knowledge or work experience with Azure, AWS, GCP (ⅱ)Knowledge about system/cloud security (ⅱ)Basic knowledge or interest about machine learning/deep structured learning

■We are looking for someone who can relate to our Mission and Vision, and who is eager to strive together to make this company a world leader in its field Our mission: "To a cleaner future" We are aiming at a recycling-based society, in which we maintain/clean our infrastructures that have been supporting Japan for years, so that we can keep using them, instead of building them anew. We also want to shift from the current job market situation, in which people keep away from blue collar jobs, and provide a great work environment using new technologies. Our goal is to reach a "cleaner future" through new technologies.

Our vision: ・Become the world leading market creation company through our laser and coating technology ・Create an appealing work environment for the construction industry workers

<Recommended condition(Recommended skills Recommended qualification etc)> ■People with cloud service knowledge, or knowledge about mechanics are particularly welcome ■People with knowledge about optics (light theory) or lasers ■People with knowledge about construction, civil engineering, construction management


Empolyement Type : Full-Time Employee Job Contract Period : Permanent Probation Period : None Job Location : Hamamatsu Research Institute or SOSEI BASE(Shizuoka)

Salary&Bonus Bachelor:2,940,000JPY(approx. 20LPA as of Feb 2021) Master: 3,276,000JPY(approx. 22LPA as of Feb 2021) *Including bonus for 2 months

Other Salary Description Payroll closes on the end of each month and salary paid on the 25th same month. Overtime-allowance paid on the following month.

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